SECURITY Camera Installation

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My Light Electrical specializes in CCTV installation, repairs, and maintenance services all across Black town. Installation of CCTV cameras is common, and the demand for security cameras installation  is also increasing rapidly. Whether it is the residential or commercial space, the risk of burglary will reduce when you have a top-class system. Security camera can protect you from uninvited things what can be happen.

Do You Need Security Cameras Installation Service?

Security Cameras Installation

My Light Electric is the best choice in Black town. We offer top-class security cameras, installation, and electrical services to keep your home safe from intruders. Our team of experts will help find the perfect solution for your needs. So you can relax knowing that your family and property are safe at all times.


Do not worry about being robbed or vandalized again when installing the surveillance systems in your home or business. With 24/7 monitoring, motion detection alerts, and remote access capabilities, we make it easy to protect what matters most to you – no matter where you are! Plus, our technicians are always available. If anything goes wrong with any of our products or services, give us a call anytime, day or night!

You have purchased the latest technology as your security system. But without the assistance of an expert, you will not be able to install it correctly. In that case, it will impact the performance, and it may even ditch the purpose that it will serve.


Having the right CCTV is just half the job. When it comes to keeping homes secure, proper installation is just necessary.

Here are five reasons why choosing us for your security camera system installation may be better than you think!


1- Professional Experience

Using our industry experience, our technicians help find out what your surveillance needs are and what type of security camera system will meet your needs.


2- Customizable Security Systems

Every home or business is different, so why should any system installed be “one size fits all?” Overhead Wiring offers you the opportunity to choose what kind of features and accessories you require. We’ll even help with designing your security camera system.


3- Skilled Technicians

No matter what type of equipment we’re installing, we carefully match it with skilled technicians who confirm that the job is correct. Friendly, knowledgeable, and dedicated technicians will ensure the best experience of working with us.


4- Quality Equipment

Our business has built its name on offering quality equipment at low prices so that everyone can afford it. We have the arrangements for working on the leading brands. No matter which company CCTV camera services you require, our technicians are available to do the job.


5- Customized Solutions

Don’t settle for a one size fits all solution. Overhead Wiring specializes in finding what you’re looking to get out of your surveillance system. And finding the perfect solution for your needs. We’ll help you select everything from cameras to DVRs, NVRs to recorders, cables to monitors.


Are you searching for a professional to install your security cameras? You are at the right place!

  • Our experience in home automation and security alarm system installation, servicing, and repairs are over 15 years! So the technicians are aware of the work that they need to do and even match your demands. We install it professionally so that you can enjoy having the system from day one at your house or office.
  • We have a good understanding of all the latest technologies and products on the market, including new wireless technologies. Our technicians will advise you on which product to choose, taking your needs, preferences, and budget.
  • We are dedicated to resolving all your concerns in a professional way. We care about our customers, and that is why they keep coming back to us for help! There is no alarm system installation company who can compare with our performance.
  • When it comes to security cameras installation, we are the best in the business. Are you ready to experience the difference? Get in touch with us for assistance.
  • We are committed to meeting your specific needs. We know that every customer is unique and deserves individual attention when it comes to home security systems. That means free consultations, thorough inspections before installation starts, personalized solutions based on our customers’ needs and budget!

So, if you wish to keep your house safe from them, appoint us. We will do the job smoothly and on time.

When you want to protect your home and family, but you don’t know where to start. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out what kind of camera is right for you.


My Light Electrical has been installing security cameras in Black town for more than 15 years. Our cost-effective service helps homeowners stay safe from burglars and intruders. Also, we work with you to find the perfect solution for your home or business on projects that are big or small.


We provide unparalleled quality of results to ensure that the work is complete flawlessly. Therefore, please call us today for guaranteed installation work of CCTV.