My Light Electrical provides ongoing service and support for all your residential, retail or industry needs. Whether you have an emergency, a small job or large installation, our team can take care of it for you.


At My Light Electrical we manage all projects from start to finish and provide a personalised service, collaborating closely with our clients. By directly involving our clients in the design and installation of their projects, we ensure all their electrical desires are fulfilled.


With over 15 years of knowledge and experience we guarantee quality and efficiency – saving you time and money for the future.

Structured Cabling

My Light Electrical is famous in Blacktown for being a passionate structured cabling service provider.

Our team has professionals who never settle for mediocre work but believe in delivering flawless and accurate services. So, for pre-wiring for all phone, TV, and video distribution, fiber networks, internet data, or motion sensors, then you are in the right hands.


Security Cameras Installation

My Light Electrical specializes in CCTV installation, repairs, and maintenance services all across Black town.


Installation of CCTV cameras is common, and the demand for installation services is also increasing rapidly. Whether it is the residential or commercial space, the risk of burglary will reduce when you have a top-class system.

Fire Protection System​

My Light Electrical provides excellent fire protection services and has an excellent track record of smoke alarm installation services. If you are worried about your loved ones and desire to protect them from fire hazards, then get a fire protection system right away.

Whether you are purchasing a new product or repairing and maintaining an existing device, we can help you with all the tasks and ensure that these devices work efficiently.

Residential Electrical Contractors

Most people know that electrical work is dangerous, with high injury rates due to electrocution and falls from heights. So, it makes sense that hiring a professional who has gone through years of training in this field would be your best option to do any type of electrical work on your home.


Are you looking for a residential electrical contractor in Blacktown? Let My Light Electrical Solutions- the electrician near you to be at your service. Backed by a team of qualified, certified, and experienced electricians, our company has been serving the Blacktown community for many years.

Commercial Electrical Contractors

Commercial electricity is not something that most people know a lot about. Commercial electrical systems are different from the more familiar residential electrical system found in homes and small businesses.