Our Services

My Light Electrical provides ongoing service and support for all your residential, retail or industry needs. Whether you have an emergency, a small job or large installation, our team can take care of it for you.

At My Light Electrical we manage all projects from start to finish and provide a personalised service, collaborating closely with our clients. By directly involving our clients in the design and installation of their projects, we ensure all their electrical desires are fulfilled.

With over 15 years of knowledge and experience we guarantee quality and efficiency – saving you time and money for the future.

Structured Cabling

Fibre networks, Electrical and metering networks, lighting, power, pre-wiring for all phone, internet, data, TV and video distribution, Motion sensors.

Security Systems

Keyless entry, intercoms, alarm systems, monitoring systems. Controlling access is a way of securing valuable assets, important information, verifying identity, ensuring health and safety in any environment where increased security and monitoring is required.

Home Automation

Design, install and maintain integrated systems and implement technologies such as occupancy detectors, ambient light sensors, temperature controls and variable lighting levels to maximise efficiency.